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Hi! I'm Fahmida. I'm an UX/UI designer based in New York City. Before discovering my passion for UX/UI, I majored in Psychology, taught in the West Bank, and worked as a crisis-responder for human trafficking survivors at a national hotline. These experiences have cultivated in me a deep sense of empathy for the person I'm serving. Whether I'm working with a student, a hotline caller, or an user, my focus is always on what I can do to find the best solution for that person's needs. Being curious, seeing patterns and solving problems with creativity has been an integral part of doing this successfully.

I truly believe human centered design can solve society’s most pressing challenges. I am strongly process driven and my designs place the user’s needs first to create simple and accessible experiences. You can check out some of my client projects below.

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I love exchanging ideas. Feel free to drop me a line at fahmidazad@gmail.com